Archiving can be understood as the accumulation and preservation of historical records in any form and media. They are often preserved for the cultural, historical, or evidentiary value they possess. The data presents all evidences related to the individual/organization in a single linear history. Apart from the archiving process as a formal undertaking it can be observed that archives are often records that have been naturally accumulated as a product of general social activities.

Dastaan Media Communications has successfully executed the archiving of several projects Some notable undertakings:

  • Sajjad Zaheer and Razia Sajjad Zaheer Archive
  • Prabhupad Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Archive

We collaborate with private families and entities.

We consult on confidentiality and legalities.

We Served India's premier collections.

As per the policies of Daastaan Media Communications, we do not disclose the identity and resources of our clients with public at large.